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Virtual Symposium

Posted on: December 5, 2019

Please take a look at my Virtual Symposium presentation above!

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4 Responses to "Virtual Symposium"

What a wonderful virtual symposium presentation!!! You did an amazing job covering the key themes we have learned this semester and by the end of the presentation I realized just how much we have explored in this class. I love your statement “there is no use for a hyperlink that leads to nowhere.” That really made me stop and think for a second on the true impact of thinking of the library and librarians as hyperlinks. I am definitely going to take that with me.

“There is no use for a hyperlink that leads to nowhere.” BOOM!

I really liked the way you brought together key concepts and ideas from the course in this video. You talked about so many great highlights–radical trust, constant evaluation and change, and inclusion (and drag queen story hours) were some of my favorite takeaways from this semester, too! Your slides were clean and straightforward, and you have a clear and expressive speaking voice. Great job!

Hi Melina,

I loved learning about your key takeaways and themes. I really believe that if we can remember these key takeaways, that we can find new ways to create fun and memorable and most importantly participatory library services and programs for the patrons to enjoy. I would like to see more patron involvement beyond leaving comment forms honestly which is what I see at least at libraries near my own home. These are definitely giving me food for thought!

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