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I don’t think it is possible to overstate just how much the pandemic has affected our daily lives.

In truth, I have been having a really tough time reeling it in and focusing on school and work, even though those are basically my only responsibilities nowadays and also helping not contribute to the spread of the disease. In any case, it seems that this topic of the hyperlinked library is as relevant as it ever will be.

In the MOOC videos, Jan Holmquist says, “Technology is never thing to be used because it is new and smart, it must be used in a way to enhance library services.” In a time when the only services we as a library can provide are through the use of technology, this quote seems most fortuitous and appropriate for the times. We have been scrambling to try to find ways to continue providing programs for our patrons and as most of our colleagues in public libraries have started to do, we are starting a Monday through Friday Scheduled and mapped out Zoom video series. Things like copyright rules for broadcasting staff reading books, exploring different types of programming like cooking and musical sing-alongs are some of the things we have been actively testing and looking to implement.

We have also started looking at providing virtual tech help for our patrons through the use of Zoom. This might actually end up being the main project I end up heading up during this time away from the branch. I already have plenty of experience both with helping patrons with random tech issues and I’m not too bad with Zoom and Teams. As Professor Stephens said in this week’s module, “The Hyperlinked Library offers collections and access everywhere.” We really are putting this idea to the test with our new and soon to arrive services for our patronage in the San Mateo County service area especially with the Zoom programming and the newly released TextUs service, something that in all honesty should have been implemented a long time ago. Still, constraint breeds innovation and I’m hoping from all of this that we will bring some really creative ideas into our wheelhouse.


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Hi Abraham,

I’ve found myself struggling to maintain focus with school, too. These are definitely challenging times. I agree that the hyperlinked library has never seemed more relevant than now. I also like your positive take that “constraint breeds innovation.” The idea to use Zoom programming for online storytimes, singalongs, and cooking programs is great. I hope to see more libraries do this in the upcoming weeks.

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