Virtual Symposium & Final Reflections

This was a fascinating journey to share with my colleagues, and with those of you who may read this blog. As I note in my virtual symposium, there are a number of key ideas that I will take with me on my future endeavors. In many ways, in this world of constant change and rapid innovation, we are challenged to answer the questions of precisely what it means to be a library professional, and what the purpose of the institutions we exist in are in the modern world. This course, more than any other, has helped me explore the answers to those questions. Reviewing the practice of libraries around the world – seeing the on-the-ground programs they’ve designed – has given me a sense of what our profession can be at its best.

The virtual symposium, as linked below, looks at “Aha!” moments, things I’d like to continue learning about, and something I want to carry forward into my everyday practice.

Best wishes to all on taking these hyperlinked adventures upward and onward!

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