1. Hi @lwest! I loved this post so much. Beautiful images, and I related to your experience, too! I was born in 1981 (fought the “Millennial” categorization there for awhile…but I guess I am accepting it now?), and I remember going to the public library in high school, as well as a few different college libraries as an undergrad, and paging through all these volumes…I fondly remember that experience, while also truly appreciating the research rabbit hole we are able to fall down via the web!

    • Hehe, yeah. Even though it was more challenging than using the internet, there is something to be said for doing research with physical volumes. I’ve got a feeling it may make a come-back in some form of retro-trend.

    • I love the imagery of “falling down the rabbit hole”. I have found in other classes that I just have to STOP at a certain point or I will never get a thing written or submitted. Although having also done research in the past using only books I found that I got to the point where “this will just have to be good enough” because finding information got frustrating after a while.

      • Haha, yes, we always have to limit ourselves. There’s often too many good relevant articles.

  2. Hi @lwest, I found myself nodding as I read your post. With advances in databases we have so much power right at our fingertips to not only mine the reference sections of papers themselves but see who is citing whom in the greater academic community. I love it. I too quickly end up with many tabs open at once with too much I want to read and never enough time to truly enjoy it.

    • Thanks, I’m glad I could tap into something familiar for people. Yeah, it is very unique the way that we get an overwhelming amount of data almost immediately.

    • I often have too many tabs open and then I find myself thinking “where was that article I loved?”.

      • Yeah, it can be hard to keep it organized once you start opening a bunch of tabs.

  3. @lwest This essay reminded me of my own undergrad and grad studies. Undergrad was at IU Bloomington in the 80s and everything was done in the way you describe. reader’s Guide, etc. In my masters work, we did have rather good databases and the newish Web. I so agree with your thought about the search and discovery process: chaotic.

    Lovely images.

    • Thanks :). It’s hard to imagine trying to do research in the 80’s; it was challenging enough in the 90’s and early 0’s.

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