Virtual Symposium

Here’s a 3-2-1 presentation of my takeaways from this class.

I really enjoyed this class and felt very encouraged to push my thinking about what a library could be rather than focusing on what’s been done in the past. We’ve looked at many different libraries that really have adapted their spaces, programs and services to facilitate different kinds of use for their communities to really thrive.

Creating programs that encourage user participation don’t need to involve a lot of expense and can be as simple as the Oak Park Public Library’s Idea Box where they used simple tools like post-its or magnetic poetry to engage users in communal storytelling.

At the Central Library in Calgary, Alberta, they engage users of all ages to engage in temporary communal art projects regularly. Here they engaged children to create a temporary mural with tools such as tissue paper and a spray bottle. Really lo-fi tech to create such a great impact and fabulous experience for all library users!

I really look forward to continuing to challenge my thinking about the role the library takes in people’s lives and what that should look like in the future. I think it’s important to keep in mind that to be able to connect with others, we need to be willing to share ourselves.

Thanks, I had a blast!


2 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium

  1. Cristin Marie says:

    I totally agree with what you said about how important design and space of the library itself to creating participatory programs…A year ago exactly we opened a new library in the same community we had the old one, and OMG it was a total game changer in terms of the types of programs we offer and even how many we can do at once…we have this amazing new space to explore…And I also want to help others gain more digital confidence, and I have been exploring digital literacy online classes for the middle schoolers who visit with their classes. Lastly, I really need to try Prezi, your presentation looked really good.

  2. Sarah Ayers says:

    Thanks Cristin! I decided to try Prezi for this presentation as a way to try a new to me technology. I often default to using programs like Powerpoint that I’m familiar with regardless of how suitable it is. It was a bit of an adventure to figure out how to get it to embed in my blog 😀

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