Virtual Symposium: 5 Takeaways in 5 Minutes

Hi everyone! Here is a link to a YouTube video I made:

I tried the 5 in 5 method where I broke down my 5 main takeaways from this course and explained why they were important to me. It was difficult to keep each takeaway within the minute limit! But I really liked going back through all the readings and videos from this semester and compiling everything into 5 overarching, important themes.

Btw.. today was “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” at work which is why I am wearing this. Any Game of Thrones fans out there? My sweater has The Night King on it and at the bottom it says, “Silent Night King.” Cheesy, I know, but it makes me laugh.

2 Responses to “Virtual Symposium: 5 Takeaways in 5 Minutes”

  1. Cristin Marie says :

    Congratulations about almost finishing! I agree that this is a great course to take toward the end of studies to “launch” us into the library profession and its focus on the human-centered aspects of providing services and programs.

  2. Tori says :

    You did a great job encapsulating they key ideas of this course. I mainly focused on those last few takeaways on my own reflections, but your first couple takeaways were great reminders, too (to think about soft skills and be an ambassador for librarianship). I’m graduating in the spring, too, and I couldn’t agree more that this has been a perfect course to round out our MLIS journeys!

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