Director’s Brief: CUNY Academic Commons

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  1. Tiffany Song says :

    Hi Liz,

    First of all, Wow! I love how modern and clean and artistic your director’s brief looks! I’ll have to learn how to do that for future assignments.

    I really like the idea of CUNY Academic Commons because it really gets to that idea about unlimited access to information and spreading information throughout the community for the people who might not have been able to access services physically. There’s also this sense of collaboration and relation that is unhindered thanks to the power of technology!

    People love to be able to find a common ground or platform in which they can fully express themselves, discover, and discuss. I think being able to create that place of discussion is important for libraries to do. Social networking regardless of whether it’s for business, for education, or for entertainment purposes. I wish I had these at my own library, particularly the one from my undergrad days. That would have inspired me to use them more because I could always use a place to share links to useful information, share tips, share on a common event calendar and more. Having this resource would have helped me made new friends, learn more, and just be able to get communication going a lot sooner.

    It’s amazing that they worked to unite all 23 campuses! In this way, it truly encompasses what participatory libraries should be doing. Honestly, I’m surprised we hadn’t done this sooner! I’m hopeful to see this in both smaller libraries and larger libraries.

    • Liz Olson says :

      Hi @songt1993, thank you so much! I used Canva:

      It’s a great website for creating infographics, invitations, reports and such. It helps me a lot with the details of graphic design, since I unfortunately do not have a keen eye for original design myself.

      Thank you for reading my Brief! I loved the idea of the Academic Commons. I too kept picturing how this would have changed my undergrad experience. It would have been such a great resource to have and to be able to post and read other essays from students in similar (or even completely different!) courses. It would also be nice to have a forum to engage in discussions outside of the classroom environment. It’s a good sign that the usage statistics have increased over the last decade that this resource has existed. I’d love to see similar experiments like this at university libraries in the future.

      • Tiffany Song says :

        Hi Liz,

        I was going to use that too! But I sadly did not. I really wished I had gone for that route because the results are stunning. I think when I become a professional librarian, then I will invest more into canva because it just sounds wonderful. I know what you mean. I am not gifted with graphic design and I’m always impressed with what comes out these days.

        I felt that you as the writer would have been in the target audience’s situation and that just really spoke to me. It would help more if the author themselves understood how necessary the Academic Commons would be since sadly I don’t ever believe we had that. It’s great to know that this resource is growing more and more. I honestly would have loved to bounce ideas off fellow students and brainstorm new topics for essays and other such pieces of writing. A forum could certainly help!

        I really would not be surprised with the usage statistics. I was impressed with the numbers and I had confidence in its continued success. I would too! It would be interesting in larger universities for sure. I went to a small private college but I still believe that it would be a beneficial resource.

  2. Danny Le says :

    I love this idea. Collective communication and open access resources are just several of the benefits of this kind of cooperative in the progress of our academic future. Although this brief focuses on how academic libraries can better one another through this kind of collaboration, I do hope there will be a day where public libraries can also interlink resources and bring together a collective bond that goes beyond simply sharing services, but also pursuing a common goal for community improvement through unification.

    • Liz Olson says :

      Hi @dandiggity, that’s a really good point/idea! This type of structural library service doesn’t have to stop with academic libraries. It could be molded to fit a public library as well! I would be really interested in seeing how the idea of the commons would look in a public library setting, maybe uniting branches across a library system. It’s a new take on social media for libraries and it’s still evolving, so hopefully we’ll start to see it across more types of libraries.

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