Hello everyone!

I chose this course because I am very interested in learning more about the hyperlinked library and how to assist my public library system in moving forward in that direction. My local libraries have been slowly adding more room for creation and collaboration, as well as creating an online presence. Even though a lot of great changes have been made recently, with the onset of COVID-19 forcing a lot of changes to online services, there is still a lot of work to be done for the library to prove itself as an essential educator in the community. I am hoping that the knowledge I gain from this course and the discoveries I make will give me a direction for change moving forward. I am excited to more fully understand just what the “hyperlinked library” entails and use this information to come up with tangible ways for my library system to embody these aspirations. 

My volunteering with the adult literacy tutoring program Learning Quest and with my public library’s reference department have both taught me a lot about how the library is succeeding, and where there is room for growth and new inspiration. I am most interested in connecting library resources with those in the community who are most in need, but are often forgotten or outright rejected: the unsheltered, those living with mental illness, and those living with addictions. I plan to bring more compassion, care, and outreach to my public library and to keep its role essential for the success of the county at large; we will not be forgotten or replaced, but adapt and thrive in the new and uncertain times!

I am also looking forward to taking a class with Dr. Stephens! I attended Dr. Villagran’s INFO 200 course last year and watched several lectures with Dr. Stephens and knew I wanted to take a class with him before graduating; I am excited to do that this semester! I hope to get to know everyone at least a little throughout the course and welcome any collaborations! 🙂


~ Ky (they/them) and my kitty 🙂



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  1. Kylii!! I was in your group for INFO 204 and I’m so pleased to reconnect! All mentions of strategic planning in our foundational readings remind me of you! I hope you are well and that your cat is dominating the world!

    Best , Michelle

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