Virtual Symposium: 5 in 5

Here is the video I created about five key takeaways I got from this course. I used the TikTok and Clips apps to record and edit my video. Not only is TikTok a very popular app right now, but it also offers a lot of fun and dynamic video creation features! I really enjoyed learning TikTok to create this video and I hope you all enjoy watching!

Here are the script notes I used to narrate this video:

  1. Hyperlinks are not necessarily digital

This is the first thing that I learned in this course. When we began, I associated hyperlinks with the traditional meaning… this little symbol that we use on the internet to jump from one web page to another.

 And this still is part of it… utilizing web technology to improve our library services. However, the Hyperlinks we talk about in the Hyperlinked library are so much more than that. 

These hyperlinks connotate innovation in whatever way possible in order to “link” our communities to our libraries. This can be online or off… what really matters is the emphasis on connection and finding meaningful ways to connect with people that don’t necessarily follow traditional library practices. We can use hyperlinks to bring the people into the library, but we can also create hyperlinks in community site and in the digital realm… however we need to in order to make those connections. 

  1. When we are talking about the digital, we have to think of everyone

Did you know that the FCC reports that over 21 million americans do not have access to the internet? 

In our modern age of technology, it is easy to assume that because so much content has moved to digital platforms, everyone can access it. But, if you don’t even have access to the internet, these digital shifts mean nothing if not inaccessibility. 

So, while it is great for us to work with technologies when improving our library service especially outside of library walls. If we are doing this, we must also be asking… does everyone in our community have basic internet access at home? If the answer is no, this should be one of the first hyperlinks we strive to create if we aim to rely heavily on digital technologies.

  1. Listen to the community

As librarians, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that we are the experts on libraries. But in reality, especially in public libraries, we are nothing without our patrons. 

It is logical then, that rather than thinking “I know bee invite our patrons to give us input at every step of our development. 

How can this look? We can develop a Community leadership council and invite community members to work with us to develop our library services. Even simpler than that, we can produce community surveys, go out into our communities to talk to people, and constantly ask for feedback and recommendations. 

Not only does a high level of community participation give our patrons a greater investment in our libraries, but it also produces services and improvements that are actually what our community wants. Not just what we assume they want.

  1. We are not confined to the library walls

When many hear the word “library” their mind instantly goes to some beautiful, old brick building filled with books… a structure… fixed and unchanging in one specific place.

But we as librarians know that our services are even more than this building. It is important to create this separation and this distinction while also working to expand our library into our communities. 

There are populations that lack access to the library during regular hours or even at all. There are also people that may not be aware of all that the library offers. By venturing out into our community, we can begin to reach these populations and form strong relationships through meaningful service. 

And just like when we talked about hyperlinks, this can be digital or it can be physical. Its all about creativity, innovation, and of course… connection. 

  1. Don’t be afraid of change

There is a reason that we are all taking a course on Hyperlinked library services. This course really makes you acknowledge the fact that the status quo of library services can be improved.

Change is something that should be embraced, celebrated, and explored. 

3 Thoughts.

  1. This hit on all the Hyperlinked Library points really well and I loved the Garth cameo with the super relevant quote. So smart to use TikTok.

    Also, your Andrew Wyeth blog banner with the woman looking at the SJSU site is simply AMAZING! He’s a great painter.

  2. I really liked your video! I have never used Tik Tok (I actually still have no idea what it is) but it was cool the way you utilized it to add graphics to your video. I also liked your takeaways from this class because they covered the main aspects of the Hyperlinked Library.

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