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Reflective Practice

Posted in Uncategorized by Jorge Garcia on May 13, 2019
Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

After more than a decade in the classroom, I realized I did not want to be there anymore, but I knew I did not want to leave education. I loved the kids, but I was drowning. Deciding to pursue my MLIS and become a school librarian has been incredibly rewarding. I can do fewer things, better. I have time to concieve projects and execute them, then go back, tweak and make them even better.

I come away from this class with detailed plans in place to tackle projects that were just ideas last fall. I feel invigorated as I am reminded of the amazing learning environments that exist around this occupation, and so excited for all the possibilities for professional growth and creativity.

Virtual Symposium

Posted in Uncategorized by Jorge Garcia on May 12, 2019
I have highlighted the key takeaways from the course in these slides; they feature the best of my thinking over the course of the semester.

Never has the phrase “not enough hours in the day” felt more true than during the time I spent working in The Hyperlinked Library. I truly wish I could have spent many more hours digging into the excellent content supplied by @michael and my peers. Thank you all for easily the best class I have taken in my many great classes here at SJSU. Can we please keep in touch in our personal learning environments?

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