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Posted in Uncategorized by on January 28, 2019

My name is Karah Iansito, and I am a high school librarian living in New Jersey. Before becoming the librarian in September 2017, I taught English at the same school for 14 years. I am incredibly blessed to have my dream job and to work with truly fantastic people every day. I have two sons, aged seven and four, and a better half, my husband of 11 years.

I took this class because I am interested in how libraries are evolving. The word evolve of course connotes growth, change, adaptability, and, I think, an interest not just in surviving, but in thriving. To evolve is to face a challenge and to overcome it with success. I am new to the field of information science and so excited to be working in a library, and I think that newness has evoked an overall excitement about my own growth, both professionally and personally.

Of particular interest to me is something Dr. Stephens says in his course introduction about participatory service. He says it “Engages users to add to library services… Offers the chance for users to plan with librarians…” and “Offers a mechanism for evaluation.” This is exactly the kind of work I’ve endeavored to do in my school library, and I am very excited to think more about these ideas as we work through this semester.

I have also been meaning to start a blog for longer than I care to admit, and am so grateful to have an opportunity that has finally forced me to do it! I am truly beside myself with excitement (and feeling a little nervous, too…) about this opportunity to learn about blogging and WordPress while studying something I love within a community.

So let’s get started! Good luck to everyone this semester, and I look forward to thinking and learning together.

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