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  1. Jason Yearick

    Hi Justin!

    “Shapeshifting” is a perfect way to describe how the library is constantly evolving!

    • Justin Stewart

      Jason – Thanks for your comment, I think “shapeshifting” is probably one of the most important things libraries can continue to do to stay relevant to the needs of the communities they serve. It is probably the biggest takeaway from this course for me.

  2. Hanna

    Your infographic is very well done! Easy to read, nice use of images to break up the text too. I like your choices for what you picked to highlight from the class, change in a positive direction is what this class has been about overall with lots of examples of ways to go about it.

    • Justin Stewart

      Hi Hanna – Thanks for your comments! It was hard to select just a few ideas from the content through this entire course!

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