Virtual Symposium: Top 5 Highlights

Hi all! I wanted to share my top five blogging highlights for my Virtual Symposium. I’ve learned a lot of new ideas and concepts over the course of these 16 weeks. The Hyperlinked Library concept is a concept that has the opportunity to reach more library users. We, as LIS professionals, should continue to generate buzz on the subject so that more libraries can attract new library users and increase foot traffic for libraries. Wishing you all the best on your MLIS journey!

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One thought on “Virtual Symposium: Top 5 Highlights”

  1. Julia, great infographic (especially enjoyed the inclusion of some visual movement by the final point)

    I’ve been reading through a number of our classmates’ posts for this assignment and I think a common takeaway for a lot of us has been “library as classroom.”
    It’s a resonant ideal, and for me really wraps up a lot of the material we have covered this semester into a single nugget.

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