Director’s Brief: Mending Labs

December 7, 2019 § 1 Comment

For this assignment, I wanted to focus on a participatory service. I really enjoy the concept of Makerspaces, though I have not had the opportunity to really interact with them because my local libraries do not have a defined space for them. I originally wanted to do a brief on 3D printing, but I felt that in order to do that I would need some knowledge on 3D printers and to be honest, as a patron, I personally do not have a driving need for that technology (not yet, at least). Instead, I wanted focus on another concept within the the maker space that is completely participatory: a sewing and mending lab. Though sewing is not a new technology, the concept of a sewing and mending lab is definitely a growing trend. As a patron with two kids who is tight on money and who is on the shorter side, I can definitely see that there is a need for a mending lab. My director’s brief is aimed at administrators at local libraries within Antelope Valley and my goal is to convince them that Makerspace and Mending are growing trends that need to be provided for the community.

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  • Esther says:

    Hi Josie,
    You really opened my vision up to see all of the possibilities that come along with a Mending Makerspace Lab. I’ve only thought of it to the extent that people come together and commune creatively, but you brought up the excellent point that it can also be about reducing clothing waste and people can work with local organizations or businesses to expand upon its offerings. Well done!

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