Infinitive Learning: Stories are everywhere

December 2, 2019 § Leave a Comment

To coincide with the concept that learning is everywhere, I want to focus on the idea that stories are everywhere. In terms of infinite learning, we can gain much from other people’s stories and experiences. It’s how human beings relate and learn from one another. Telling our stories and listening to others leads human beings to have shared experiences and to collaborate. I would like to see the concept of shared personal stories in a library setting.

Currently, I have a niece who is thirteen years old and really into Wattpad, a website and app that allows people from all over the world to write and read user-submitted stories. She loves reading through this website and her enthusiasm for new content matches any person’s expectations of a newly released book. The sharing of experiences is that of a social media setting but the anonymity of writing stories and reading other people’s stories allows for creativity to flow, without fear of being judged.

My vision is to bring this type of storytelling to the library, maybe as bi-annual event or a constant service. It can be an online participatory service or an in person event where people submit their stories for a collection. Regardless of how it is delivered, two things shall remain: anonymity (if one chooses) and creativity. It is amazing what people can produce when they are free from criticism, hence why I want the freedom of anonymity. For the librarians, they would be merely facilitators and screen for anything that violates a policy or contradicts the mission statement.

Participatory and user generated content is becoming a norm in the online world and I feel libraries do not create enough physical or digital spaces where the people are in charge. This is an issue because this is what people want and need– they ability to control and create. If the library’s main brands is books, stories, and the fictional novel, then how come it has not exploited its own users’ abilities to create user-generated stories. Libraries are a perfect place to create an infinite learning experience through other people’s stories, it just needs to take the chance.

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