Hyperlinked environments in Denmark

November 5, 2019 § 1 Comment

As a former public library employee and a current library student, I have heard of the Dokk1 numerous times but have not really explored on what it is and how it provides services. In an article written by Morehart (2016), the Dokk1 library in Demark is described as the “living room of the city” and focuses on “providing space for performances, meetings, children activities, art installations, and general public gatherings” (Morehart, 2016, para. 4). It’s design is based on the Four Space Model which suggests an “inspiration space, learning space, meeting space, and performative space that overlap and intersect” (Stevens, 2016, para. 2). The Four Space Model can be found on the Model Programme for Public Libraries.

The Model Programme for Public Libraries is a program and website that provides insight and instruction on how to design the modern library and its programs. Its goal is to provide a flexible, public space that puts people’s needs and interest first. The website is organized and run by the The Agency for Culture and Palaces in Denmark and its goal is to open up the possibilities of what can be done in a public library (The Agency for Culture and Palaces, n.d.)

What I enjoy most about the Model Programme and its user-focused approach is the lack of policy and rules that the library implements. To allows the space to transform with its daily visitors throughout the day, the library staff did not want implement any arbitrary rules (Stevens, 2016). Throwing out rules and restrictions allows the users to connect to the available resources in a natural way that is useful for them. It’s an out-of-the-box way of thinking that reminds librarians that maybe we don’t know what’s best for the user. I think if we provide the appropriate spaces the modern day society, the users will decide on what that library can be for the community.


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