The Plan

Introduction My interest was piqued by all of the different things libraries were doing to redefine what a library is and does. The Anythink Library in Colorado is working to perpetually redefine the public library, the Camden County Library System is promoting a new type of literacy, food literacy, through the services it offers, the […]

The Future

The future is exciting. The future is vaguely recognizable. Make way for progress. Buy in or get out of the way. Change can be positive and negative. After reading some of the articles related to this module I began to think about how much libraries have changed both over my lifetime and during the five […]

That’s Fine

Inclusiveness and equity are words we often hear bandied about in today’s library world. Libraries, especially public libraries, seem to be obsessed with ensuring everyone has a fair shot or is, at least, afforded the assistance they desire or need. At the very fabric of what we do, or will do, as information professionals is […]


Hello everybody, my name is Josh Tuszynski. I live in the Los Angeles area and am in my last semester of SJSU’s MLIS program. I work at a public library as a children’s librarian. I have worked in public libraries for roughly five and a half years now and continue to enjoy the work. I […]

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