Library 2.0, the library of the future? A reflection.

Sunday, September 5th, 2021

            Library 2.0 A Guide to Participatory Library Service, is a delve into the fast-paced world of information expansion and how the library can better serve their patrons and their community. By looking inward and breaking away from traditional thinking and routines, the library could modify practices that may be cost inefficient and time consuming. This inward reflection can only be made by taking into consideration what the staff, who interact with the patrons, have to say. When staff members feel as if their opinions count, a greater sense of belonging is felt, which can propel new ideas for future modifications and ease to change. This will help prevent the cycle of “Plan, Implement, and Forget” (Casey & Savastinuk, 2007).

            As the internet continues being the forefront of information, due to its ease of access via smart devices, the library needs to learn how to utilize it to its fullest advantage in order to evolve into Library 2.0. “The internet should not be considered an enemy or competitor […] [but] as a tool that you c[ould] use to reach our users” (Casey & Savastinuk, 2007). This could be done by utilizing free social media platforms that could allow not only users to communicate what they would like to see at their local library (via blogs or social media), but also, allow staff members to communicate their ideas and interests.

            The most important message in Library 2.0 is that change, even though it may seem disruptive or intimidating, is needed. “By evaluating the service, you may discover a way to revitalize it—or determine a way to revitalize it—or may determine that these resources could be better used elsewhere” (Casey & Savastinuk, 2007). In order for a library to change, its staff has to be flexible and feel as if their voices are heard along with those of their patrons and community members.


Casey, M. E., & Savastinuk, L. C. (2007). Library 2.0: A guide to participatory library service. Information Today, Inc.

2 comments on “Library 2.0, the library of the future? A reflection.

  1. I think your image sums up the concept of Library 2.0 so well! I also agree with you when it comes to embracing the internet as a tool instead of feeling threatened by it. That is a conversation I have quite often with my coworkers at my public library. Yet, it is thanks to the internet that we have been able to continue to offer programming and connection during the library closures of the past year.

  2. @jonlongcat Concise definition of the concept and summary of one of our foundational texts. It works very well with your super cool blog theme too!

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