Director’s Brief: Podcasting During COVID-19

Director’s Brief: Podcasting During COVID-19

Executive Summary

Libraries are expanding their services to include technological ones such as virtual reality, 3D printing ,and, podcasting. Using these technological services libraries are reaching out to the public at larger scale than they did in the past. Podcasting is an important way for libraries to maintain contact with their communities while providing important services. With the libraries closed and public forced to remain in inside due to the COVID-19 the virtual presence of libraries haven’t been more coveted. There are a number of podcasts created by libraries during this trying time to engage, to teach, and to satisfy library patrons.

INFO 287 – Director’s Brief Podcast

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  1. I loved this Director’s Brief. Indeed, we are seeing how “geography doesn’t matter anymore.” I think podcast production is a wonderful tool for learning through listening, but I also can see how patrons and users can learn a great deal in producing podcasts. I agree that investing in professional equipment. I can see how as librarians practice and produce podcasts, it is great fuel to provide a program/service to patrons as people are able to return to the physical spaces of libraries. I listen to Dewey Decibel podcast too. Great example. Looking forward to checking out the New York library example.

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