Blog Reflection 5 – Infinite Learning: Learning Everywhere

Blog Reflection 5 – Infinite Learning: Learning Everywhere

For the Infinite Learning module I chose to look at the Learning Everywhere module. Seeing as this is my last blog reflection for this course I want to address the common question people have about libraries, “Why do we need libraries?”

Technology has made it knowledge easily available at a click, a tap, or a command. It is for this reason that it is possible for everyone to learn everywhere. The 2012 Horizon Report supported this by stating “People expect to be able to work, learn, and study wherever and whenever they want to.” (Stephen, 2012, p. 124)

Though the internet and new technology have made it easier to gain access to books, music, and other materials that is provided by libraries, but it doesn’t mean that libraries no longer needed. In fact the importance of libraries have only grown. Doctorow (2013) stated that “Libraries have also served as community hubs, places where the curious, the scholarly, and the intellectually excitable could gather in the company of one another, surrounded by untold information-wealth, presided over by skilled information professionals who could lend technical assistance where needed.” Libraries are constantly improving their services to cater to the needs of the public. Some libraries choose to create storytelling, Adult 101, knitting, and other education programs along with maker spaces.

 Many libraries provide access to technology and the internet to those that lack a stable source of internet and teaches those that lack important digital skills. The digital skills “are a gateway to all kinds of learning”. (Digital Promise, 2016) “The world is changing faster than ever and our skill sets have a shorter life.” (Stephens, 2020) This quote by Thomas & Brown reinforces the importance for librarians to constantly improve the library services so that everyone can continue to learn new things.

I will end this with one of my favorite quotes from this module “It wouldn’t be library science without a little experimentation, and some of those experiments are going to fail. But occasionally, an idea is going to succeed. And when it does, it creates an opportunity to reshape the notion of what our libraries can do.” (Greenwalt, 2013)


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