Blog Reflection 1 – Hyperlinked Library Model

Blog Reflection 1 – Hyperlinked Library Model

Before taking this course I have never heard of the term hyperlinked library, so after going through the lectures and the readings I was able to gain an understanding of hyperlinked libraries and how they are important to the continued existence of libraries.

Steve Denning’s (2015) article “Do We Need Libraries?” pointed out that libraries are in danger due to the disruptions made by technological advancements. The internet has made it possible for people to read books, articles, news, do research, and finish assignments without needing the services of libraries. It is for this reason that libraries have been making changes to their services to better adapt to the new age. If the libraries don’t change their mindset and approach towards the community then they will become obsolete like address books, pagers, maps, alarm clocks, and etc. Denning (2015) warned libraries against “merely computerizing existing services” and promoted the strategy to find the service library users would want to give it to them. Libraries need to focus on the users first of all.

The hyperlinked library services are an example of a strategy that libraries have implemented to adapt to the new age. No longer are libraries just buildings that houses books, videos, CDs, and information. Libraries are now becoming an important place for people in the community to come together to learn new important skills. The hyperlinked libraries communicates with its community and patrons to refine their services. “Hyperlinked library services are born from the constant, positive, and purposeful adaptation to change that is based on thoughtful planning and grounded in the mission of libraries.” (Stephens, 2020). I am sure that as long as the libraries continue to improve their services there would always be a need for libraries.


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