Me at the Nashville, Tennessee Parthenon (Replica)

My name is Jin Luong. I am twenty-four years old. I live in Milpitas, California. I have a BA in Communications from SJSU. I am working towards becoming a public librarian. If nothing unexpected happens then I will be able to complete this MLIS program by the end of the next semester.

I know that if I want to be a good public librarian I need to be able to understand and to use new tools/technologies that libraries are incorporating into their services. I hope to improve my knowledge and my skills.

Now more about myself, I love to read and to watch animated films/shows. I especially love reading romance, xianxia, fantasy, action, lgbt, and comedy novels. I am bilingual and understand Vietnamese, this gives me access to a number of books that others can’t read. I have been reading Chinese novels that have been translated to Vietnamese or English.

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  1. Hi Jin Luong! I wish you the best in graduating this semester, and would love to hear some recommendations for LGBT and fantasy novels. What animated shows do you watch? I’m obsessed with animation myself and am always looking for new media.

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