Final Reflection

As I sit here writing my last blog entry for this course, I am both saddened and excited.  Saddened, because it marks the end to all the meaningful lectures, work, and discussions I have been a part of in this course.  And excited to take all the meaningful and useful information and put it into practice in my everyday life as an information professional.  With over 20 years of public library experience one may come to a point where they think there is nothing else to learn, or that they’ve seen and done it all.  But this class has completely changed my view on this.  As it was mentioned in the Reflective Practice model, we must keep curiosity alive in order to continue learning and then applying all that newfound knowledge to what we do in our institutions.  Community needs are dynamic and never static; therefore, libraries should remain dynamic as well.  Constantly changing to provide meaningful programs and services to the communities they serve. 

The Reflective Practice lecture was the perfect culmination to all the content in the course and what we have learned throughout the semester.  We sometimes get so caught up in what we do day in and day out that we forget to take time for ourselves to reflect on what we are doing and how we are doing it.  I have been guilty in my years of working in a public library of getting into a rut and basically just going through the motions at work.  Taking a moment to step back and reflect allows us to refocus our thinking and get our mind back on track on what is important as we serve the public.  Something that really caught my attention during the lecture for this module was the sign Michael mentions which is at the Salt Lake City Library hanging in one of their workrooms.  “We work together to make lives better. We are: Inclusive, Open, Curious, Playful, Kind.”  What better way to end this semester than we these valuable words that should be hanging at all libraries? 

Until next time fellow classmates!

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