Virtual Symposium: 3-2-1 Report

For my Virtual Symposium I chose to do a 3-2-1 Report which really allowed me to reflect on some of the topics throughout the semester that really resonated with me and my role in a public library. Please enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium: 3-2-1 Report

  1. I also was a little blown away by the idea of libraries that are open, unstaffed, after hours, but I think a big part of getting our communities to trust us is first trusting them. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is crucial when dealing with our patrons. Most people who come to the library love the library, and consider themselves stewards of it I think. I also think it’s really important to embrace change—I touched on that also in my post. I really like your Piktochart—it looks really professional! Great job!

    • Hi @jacqueline,
      Thank you for your positive words. I absolutely agree that we must place trust in our users in order for this type of service to succeed and by doing this we are creating a participatory environment. Change has historically been tough for libraries but we must be stewards of change in order to help libraries thrive today and tomorrow!


  2. I felt similarly with the open libraries concept; suspicious at first, but it’s growing on me. I think your ending point about embracing change is an excellent way to wrap up your post and just this class overall. So much change has happened and will happen, and you’re right – embracing that is important to success. Also I like the way you organized your thoughts and think it turned out really well!

    • Hi @kristin,
      Thank you for visiting. Embracing change is important for success and it helps make transitional periods easier. As we have seen throughout this class change has been a big part of libraries as we work to remain relevant in our communities.


  3. The possibility of the Open+ library really seems like a good way to create more opportunities for our communities to have access to technology outside of regular working hours. Access is such an important issue for those who don’t have computers or internet at home and I think it’s becoming a more critical consideration for libraries going forward.

    • I absolutely agree! We must provide resource equity in our communities in order to even out the playing field for those that may not be able to afford such resources. Our goal is to provide our communities with the services they need to be successful contributors to society.


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