This Is Me!

Hello all,

My name is Jorge García and this is my fifth semester in the program here at San Jose State. I was born and raised in Southern California in the coastal cities of Carlsbad and Oceanside with the latter being my current hometown.  I am on my 20th year of marriage to my beautiful wife that I met some 24 years ago and we have a 13 year old daughter that just started the eighth grade.  I enjoy watching and playing all sports but am especially fond of football, or what we here in the U.S. call soccer.  I’ve  coached soccer competitively for well over 16 years and up until about 5 years ago played the game.  I enjoy outdoor activities with the family and to be quite honest any time spent with family is definitely my preferred pastime.

The inspiration behind me returning to school and pursuing an MLIS is my passion for working in a public library and serving my community in a positive and impactful way.  I have been working in a public library setting since 1995 and have been at the Oceanside Public Library, my current employment, for close to 20 years.  I started as a library page in the children’s department and am now a Circulation Supervisor.  I think the most rewarding years of my library experience have been the nine years spent driving and working on our bookmobile just previous to me becoming the Circulation Supervisor.  It was extremely gratifying bringing the bookmobile to our underrepresented communities where most of the families don’t have the means to visit our two branches.  I have seen and been a part of some major changes in our library and I am excited for what the future holds for libraries.  We are striving to be one of the major focal points in our community in order to keep the community informed and engaged.

One of the other roles that I have at the Oceanside Public Library is that of assisting our principal librarian of adult services with collection development of our Spanish materials.  This has given me the opportunity to attend international book fairs both in Spain and in México in order to provide our Spanish speaking population with materials that help them feel at home in our community.  These experiences have helped me to get a better understanding of our community’s needs and to provide resources for our under served groups within our city.  One of the main reason why I would like to acquire my MLIS is to get more involved with programming for our Spanish speaking population be it with ESL classes, citizenship classes, or Spanish book clubs in an official capacity as a Librarian.  We see a definite need for this type of programming and we feel that we are the institution that should provide these resources.  I know this graduate program will give me the necessary tools to be successful in serving our community and I am exciting about starting this next chapter in my professional career.

I have grown up with libraries and have been a part of their exciting evolution to what they are today.  I feel strongly that libraries will continue to play an important role in communities and I would love to continue to be a part of the journey.

Thanks for reading!