Looking forward to getting back in the swing of class structured around a blog, I really enjoyed that when I took 200 (with Prof. Stephens!)… Hopefully I’ll have more creative titles for you all as we move forward 🙂

I am a former High School English & Psychology teacher who moved to the position of Library Media Teacher at my school in Modesto, CA 3 years ago. I just finished my coursework for the TL Credential, and am now in the final stretch for my MLIS. My husband is also a high school teacher (also Psychology and English – I’m a Psych major and he’s a Lit major so I guess we influenced each other somehow, though we were both Baristas when we met!) We have two sons, aged 3 & 5, a dog, cat, and a new fish tank that I am enjoying more than I probably should– it’s relaxing and I find myself sitting and watching it rather than finishing the task I set out to do.

Over the past year, I’ve picked up the hobby of hand lettering, which has morphed to sketching, and sharing book quotes in a creative way.

I wanted to try to develop creative skills so I decided to just start, and what I’ve discovered online is an inspiring and interesting information community of artists and book lovers. I think if I had started this personal project earlier, the creative Instagram community would have been what I studied for INFO 200 (though the storm chasing community was so interesting!). Find me there or find me on Goodreads: JLynnFred, I love to see what people are reading, it’s one of the best ways to find new content.

As a family, we love to explore the outdoors, we camp every year in the Sierras at Clark Fork Campground. Last year we visited Lassen National Park.

Lassen Volcanic National Park
This was inside of a Lava Tube we got to walk through!

If you live near any National Parks, or have visited any, please share your favorites! It’s our goal to visit a new one each year.

Looking forward to a great semester exploring these big ideas with you all!

11 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. That would be so cool to go inside a lava tube. I have never been to a national park. My favorite year of visiting places was the year I ended up going up to the top of a ski jump and then down in a coal mine (the highest and lowest points I have ever been). I am looking forward to the blogging although hoping I can be somewhat creative 🙂 It’s not my strongest skill I’m afraid.

  2. Hi @jlynnfred,
    I love your first name–so much that I named my little doggie Jamie! I’ve had many wonderful human Jamies in my life. Anyway, I went to Lassen once for a short time and would love to revisit. Also, your kids are so cute! Last, I am reading the next book by the authors in your (very cool!) illustration. Definitely a guilty pleasure read. I will add you on Goodreads too!

    • Thank you @diana 🙂 I’m named after my dad and grandpa who are both James (my dad had daughters so I was his namesake). And that’s great! I have that book on my to-read list, I saw you found me on Goodreads, I look forward to seeing what you think of the book! I found it interesting that the authors published together again, curious to know the motivation behind that.

  3. I just added you as a friend on GR (I am innae) — and I love going to National Parks (lots of them in the Colorado area :), but I think my favorite was Volcano in Hawaii…so I will have to make sure to go to Lassen.

    • How great! I’m sure you would living out there 🙂 my husband’s family used to live in Colorado so he grew up taking road trips and visiting all of those beautiful places. I have never been, nor have I visited Hawaii but that would be so beautiful I’m sure!
      Glad you found me on GR!

  4. @jlynnfred Thanks for sharing your background and the great pics. Your art is AMAZING!

    I’m lucky that back in the 70s (!!!) my parents liked to head west from Indiana and visit national parks. In college, I continued the tradition with trips with my best friend to Mount Rainier, the Olympics, the Rockys, etc. It taught me the importance of being out in nature.

    Welcome to #hyperlib.

    • Thank you @michael! Those sound like awesome experiences! Can you say if any one place made the most lasting impact? I feel like my dream job (though I do feel I have a dream job now) would be to work in library services for the National Park Service — I assume that exists in some form!

      • @jlynnfred I’ll go with the “blink” method and say the Olympic National Park in NW Washington really made an impact on me. I will never forget walking for hours on the beach by myself. My buddy was back at camp resting.

        Also, in 1988 I drove alone from Seattle to Indiana. I stayed near Devil’s Tower in Wyoming one night. Before dark, I made it to the tower and was able to hike the trail that circles it. Close Encounters was a BIG deal for me in 78 so this was pretty amazing too. It also transcended the movie stuff to just be an amazing experience of feeling free.

        Hope that’s not weird.

        • @michael That sounds so cool! Definitely not weird. It’s great to share nature with people, but it’s also pretty great to have some time alone to soak it all in. I think we’ll be heading to Oregon this year (I went to Crater Lake as a kid, and I think we’ll be going there), I’ve never been to Washington but it’s on the list.

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