I decided to do my Virtual Symposium on my Director’s Brief which was a proposal to create a Teen Makerspace Tech Lab. I work for the Scottsdale Public Library and they are dead set against makerspaces and 3D printers claiming that they are a waste and useless. I believe they are wonderful and support artistic exploration and experimentation especially for teens.

This class has opened my eyes to all of the wonderful things that libraries are doing for their communities. If I were presenting this to the director, the administration and the library board, I would hope that they would reconsider expanding our digital lab to teens by rebranding it a makerspace tech lab and adding stop-motion animation software and a 3D printer to empower them as our future leaders.

I hope you enjoy my presentation.

INFO287 Virtual Symposium JCIS from jennette cisneros on Vimeo.

3 comments on “Virtual Symposium”

  1. Your presentation is fabulous. I have never used PowToons myself but I have students that love it. After seeing this I want to play with it. Great job!

    • Thanks so much Melanie!It took me a while to figure out the details of how Pontoons works, but it was a fun process! I think the best part is the people icons can have different emotions! Thanks again!

  2. Hello Jennette, I love your presentation. PowToon is so dynamic. Your symposium is well focused highlighting your director’s brief. Good luck in helping your library change their position on the teen makerspace. 🙂

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