Director’s Brief

In my director’s brief, I examined the trends described in the IFLA Trend Report. This report examines 5 high level trends impacting libraries across the globe, which I picked 3 of and then used them to help identify best practices that could be applied to a local library system in acknowledgment of these big forces […]

Hyperlinked Environments Reflection

This week I spent some time clicking through the Global Communities and Global Librarianship and reading many of the articles, reports, and resources in the list provided under the section. I quickly became fascinated with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), specifically the Trends Report and the Ideas Store. The IFLA is an “international body […]

Context Book

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution is a book that argues that the rise of digital manufacturing constitutes what can be considered to be the third industrial revolution, and lays out the way that the digital age has allowed for this to take place and the possible benefits and challenges that such a momentous change in […]

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