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I spent a lot of time thinking about how to best engage with reflective practice in my own work as a librarian, and after reading some of the articles had some ideas that took a little consideration before I was ready to really write about them.

I started from the quote on the Reflective Practice module page, “The best librarians make that emotional investment because they believe in the institution and the communities they serve.” Investment into a profession requires many different factors to come together in a healthy way, and I do believe that librarianship is one of the professions that encourage open-mindedness and responsibility in its practitioners. It is hard to remain immersed in the shifting informational landscape for long and to not react to it in some way, to not see how the human element is really spread out throughout the heart of information seeking and learning (despite the heavy reliance on computers, search engines, and algorithms that are now part and parcel of the field).

In this way, I thought about how the best librarians I know from my own work are the people who really believe in what they are doing, they think that their role in the library is something that helps improve the institution and in turn provides something useful for the community. They are people who enjoy their work even when it becomes overwhelming at times, and try to bring professionalism to the table in every interaction with patrons and community members.

Reading the article on the importance of professionalism this week helped me nail down some key elements I want to make sure I also bring with me to my work and behavior. I want to be confident when I speak to patrons, have an attitude that helps build up the library and the confidence patrons have with me and my work, and to make sure that everyone knows that the library is an institution that will always offer a baseline of respect to anyone who enters. I will strive to take these lessons with me as I develop as a librarian and hopefully can learn and grow by making use of the resources I’ve found during this course.

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