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This week I spent some time clicking through the Global Communities and Global Librarianship and reading many of the articles, reports, and resources in the list provided under the section. I quickly became fascinated with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), specifically the Trends Report and the Ideas Store. The IFLA is an “international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users,” and their Trends Report identifies five trends shaping information society and is based on, “consultations with a range of experts and stakeholders.”

IFLA Logo taken from https://www.ifla.org/

I was very impressed with the presentation and layout of the trend report, which hit on issues I’ve learned about in this course and others I’ve taken (such as libraries being sure that there was a future without reasserting their purpose, the struggle with privacy concerns, and the ways libraries can leverage their connections and community networks to solve problems and identify opportunities).

In one of the sections of the report there is a wonderful explanation of libraries acting as community centers, support points, and cultivators of community growth straight out of the hyperlinked community lecture. The Idea Store was also something that gave me pause, as it is an attempt to crowd-source the creative problem solving solutions from professional librarians to create a, “…strong and united library field powering literate, informed and participative societies, further forward.” Anyone can add ideas, and some of these are also very similar to things I’ve seen on this course like the “23 Things” learning initiative (an idea was posted proposing a new 23 things about internet 2.0 along with an explanation), which helps me feel like I’m definitely learning things that are relevant to librarianship in this quickly changing time. While this course deals with some transformative ideas, when exploring the individual cases I sometimes forget to think about the huge, overarching problems facing librarianship and how to go about confronting all of them, and looking through these resources has definitely helped center my thinking again.


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  1. @jameshl I am impressed with IFLA’s work on the global stage as well. I hope they continue to identify trends and issues facing libraries and offer the chance for folks to contribute ideas and participate. This exploration could be the basis of your Brief if you want to focus globally.

  2. Dear James,

    Thank you for sharing about the IFLA Trend Report! Although this is my second graduate stint at SJSU, I’m ashamed to admit my knowledge of this resource was limited. Thanks to your post, I’ve done some poking around and have realized this resource is an amazing stepping stone for librarians to gain awareness of global trends within and beyond the walls of a library. In my 14+ years at LAPL, I have noticed how myopia factors into our individual library systems. The IFLA Trend Report is an important reminder that being conscientious and engaged with global library issues is not only important to gauge how these issues affect all libraries across the globe, but is also vital in supporting and informing decisions made at the local level.

    Thank you!

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