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  1. Hi Jade,

    I would have loved to learn more about this! Is there a way to get a link to it? Sorry if my computer isn’t working but for some reason I’m not able to access your link to the pdf.

  2. Hi Jade,

    Thank you for sharing!

    I really liked learning about what the Monrovia Public Library could do to develop digital literacy skills or life literacy skills really for the indigenous people that are in the community. I think it’s important for libraries to enrich the skillset and lives of their community and being digitally inclusive is certainly one way to help push the library forward in that direction.

    Digital inclusion has had and perhaps will always be of global importance. I particularly noticed when you brought up that it is the human’s natural right to ‘access’ communication, as referenced from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I realize that it should be their right to have this access to knowledge and to information, to be able to discover new things, and enrich themselves regardless of any issues such as money or residency that could prove to make things difficult.

    I really loved how you brought up that it would be best to keep the trend geared towards the local’s interests and needs to help deliver successful sessions.

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