Director’s Brief: Teen Podcast

For this Director’s Brief, I explain the benefits of having local teens host a podcast, inviting community members on as guests. This would create collaboration in a positive, participatory way. Here is the brief in full:

4 thoughts on “Director’s Brief: Teen Podcast

  1. Really liked your Director’s Brief – it’s a timely topic and you researched and presented it very well. I literally want to do a podcast now for the final symposium.

  2. So cool, Jacqueline. I applaud your ideas on getting community involvement in these podcasts. Your portion on re-considering walled off spaces for teens really made me pause and think, too. These are great points you and Males bring up. I think we can have both though: rooms for teens as well as common spaces for all ages.

  3. Thanks Jeff! I can definitely see both sides of the argument. While I do think teen spaces are good and necessary, I think some consideration needs to be given to having shared spaces where teens feel comfortable around other patrons.

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