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Director’s Brief – Mobile Phones For 24 Access Libraries

For my Directors Brief, I wrote about the importance of implementing a system-wide smartphone loan program in libraries.


  1. First of all, I’m in love with the design you chose for your brief’s background, it really adds to the tech-y feel of the paper. Second, this is a great next step for many libraries, especially considering that they offer iPads and Chromebooks like you mentioned but not smartphones which are much more frequently used and considered essential in today’s world. This seems like a great plan to bridge the digital divide and the statistics and survey results you added to the last page really helped put things in perspective.

  2. @lkrikourian Thank you! I made the graphics in adobe illustrator. One of the reasons I decided to do my undergrad in Digital Media is because I wanted to close the digital divide with my own friends and family. Libraries are doing a great job adapting to the needs of the communities they serve and I am sure the libraries will start providing more digital services and tools. In the library system, I work for we have shifted our focus to digital services, hopefully, soon we will come up with a plan to also offer a complete line of digital devices.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

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