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I am really excited to be enrolled in the INFO 287: The Hyperlinked Library class. I have heard so many good reviews from other LIS students about this course and Professor Michael Stephens. I could not wait until I was done with my mandatory classes as well as the Research Methods course to finally be in the position to choose electives of particular interest.

The Hyperlinked Library class holds interest for me because it appears to look ahead to the future of Library Science, the trends, tools, and infrastructure, while holding firm to the intrinsic goals of librarians and information professionals: serving and providing materials, information, and knowledge to all. The mode and method may change – which is exciting and provides openings for growth and learning. I am also interested in the collaborative nature of the class and its willingness to try new things and new technology in an effort to test-out and explore, but also to share these experiences and ideas with one another as additional learning components.

This fall marks my fourth semester in the LIS program, I am slowly taking 2 classes each semester while working. I am originally from Massachusetts and moved to San Francisco with my husband, somehow managing to stay for several years while the city exploded in growth and population around us. The MLIS degree is a mid-career change for me, I currently work at a State College but have always wished to pursue Information / Library Science as a profession.

I look forward to this semester and learning from one another.


  1. Steve, it sounds like you and me and a few others have “saved” this class as a treat for ourselves 🙂 Funny how we’ve done that! Are you interested in working in academic libraries since you work at a college now, or looking at special or public?

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for your comment and question. I am open to working in any type of library or information environment (smile). I have to admit to being a little embarrassed to still have not determined a specific environment, I think public, academic, and special libraries all have their own unique and specific advantages. I earned a Master’s in English Literature and always thought that I would pursue an academic library track; however, the LIS program at SJSU has broadened my view on the types of jobs and the limitless possibilities (let’s hope). What about you, do you have a specific area that you are interested in?

  2. Hi @steve – the willingness to try new things is perfect for this class and for the profession. I hope you enjoy the experience. I haven’t been to SF since 1997 (for ALA) so the growth would probably be very striking to me. I recall an evening walk that was absolutely beautiful. Welcome to #hyperlib!

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