Hello, Classmates!

What’s up, party people? My name is Britt and this is my second to last semester at the iSchool. After this semester, I just have 289 and I’ll be graduating in May, as long as everything goes to plan! (Ahhhh so excited!) I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a paralegal certificate. I worked as a paralegal at a Public Defender’s office for a while, where I met some of the most amazing and caring people and learned a lot about some of the more underserved and marginalized populations of my community. It was an amazing opportunity and has really shifted my views and focus in life. I am looking forward to using my experience understanding and helping others as I move forward in my career.

Here at the iSchool, I have moved in a more technology focused direction and hope to work in data librarianship. I’ve not only been taking the classes through the school, but have been complementing my skill set by learning coding and data analysis through online classes and tutorials that I found for free. Isn’t the Internet a beautiful thing? Open source, crowd source, free tutorials, people who want to teach others for free and others who compile lists of free resources have helped me so much over the years. It honestly warms my heart to know there are so many amazing people out there sharing information for good (and helps me shift my focus away from the more shady areas of the Internet). If you are ever curious, I have compiled some of the resources I’ve personally used most often on my e-resume website under Resources.

On a more personal note, I have recently moved from sunny California to Pennsylvania and am feeling a bit ambivalent about the upcoming winter. I have never lived anywhere it snows in the wintertime (hello, two seasons of Cali’s central valley: “kinda cold but a hoodie should do” and “I guess I live in an oven now”). It’s exciting, but I have hardly any idea what to expect and am a little scared I might end up like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining. In any case, I’ll continue hoping I don’t freeze to death before graduation and invest in some very warm socks and lots and lots of layers.

In my free time, I do enjoy learning about almost anything. I often find myself spending hours and hours down online rabbit holes. I love to read historical fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi mostly. I also wholeheartedly enjoy playing video games and meeting new people online (but also meeting new people offline), playing tabletop board games with friends, painting (canvas, minis, and hoping to get in to digital), yoga, and chilling with my two rescue animals, Buddy the dog and Mister the cat.

A photo of a brown dog named Buddy.A black cat with yellow eyes named Mister.

Lastly, I want to say I really look forward to working with you all in this class and I am so stoked to be learning about hyperlinked libraries and all about new technologies and ways to apply them. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and continue to have a super rad fall. Cheers!

  1. Hello @britstrike! Thanks for sharing your e-resume website. Great stuff.

    In 2013 we moved from northern Indiana to north of Traverse City, Michigan – about 260 miles further up. That winter was one of the worst on record! I learned all about layering and how to enjoy the season. 🙂 I hope your first winter isn’t as drastic.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

    1. @michael Oh my gosh! I hope this winter isn’t one of the worst. You got a nice crash course, though! I at least have quite a few hoodies and a nice down jacket. Just need to get some cold winter accessories.

      1. @britstrike I bought a good pair of gloves after that first winter too. I hate cold hands! Oh – and for long walks – toe warmers that skiers use!

  2. Hello Britt! As a Canadian I highly recommend having a good pair of Winter Boots and lots of wool accessories! I’m biased as a knitter, but wool has a wonderful property of being warm even when it gets wet which is really handy in Winter. I also prefer to have a warm coat that covers my butt to keep toasty and warm. Heated car seats are the best.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Wool seems like a highly recommended material for winter. I never had any wool items in California haha. I do have a down coat that covers my butt, we’ll see if it holds up this winter. I wish my car had heated seats 🙁 maybe iIll have to keep a blanket in my car to sit on?

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