Cool Things I Created in INFO 287

Sorry the infographic is so fuzzy. It was made in Canva, downloaded into a pdf, converted to jpeg, and now its fuzzy.  But here is a link to the Canva:


I loved this class, and was so excited to take it after hearing Prof. Stephens in INFO 200.

Sadly, however, after working with each module, I would skip into work with a headful of grand ideas, only to find that there was little market for anything new at my library.

I know: start small, build trust, and work our way into larger programs. In fact, there are a couple of other SJSU graduates in my library system, and they agree, change here is            s l o w.

I really appreciate the reflective learning process. I have a new appreciation for the SJSU E- portfolio due to what I’ve learned in this class. The E port is a great way to actually take the time to absorb all that we’ve learned, and let these experiences meld together and blossom into novel ideas applicable to our particular situations.

Indeed, my progression of thought journeyed from awareness through competency to creation, as shown in the fuzzy infographic.

Looking forward to my second year next Fall!



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