This brief looks at how academic libraries can integrate digital storytelling in its practice of marketing, managing, outreaching, and providing opportunities of professional development for library staff. Academic libraries, in order to stay connected to their dynamic communities and adapt to the rapid changes in the digital world, need to be creative in their daily operations and practices. By combining storytelling, new media and trending technologies, digital storytelling will bring great value and serve that purpose effectively.

Director’s Brief – 3, 2, 1 Action! The Power of Digital Storytelling

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  1. Digital storytelling is such a powerful medium. I would be excited to see all libraries work to create a digital story they can use to market themselves. Did you find any easy to use templates or tools that libraries can use?

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for reading my post. We used Powtoon and Canva in the past, but thanks to our technology team in the library, now we are looking at more professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. It does require more professional digital skills but they can be trained in workshops. We just finished shooting footages for our new promotional video two weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product!

  2. Thanks so much for your director’s brief! This is a great topic and super relevant now more than ever with the pandemic. Digital storytelling is a great way to reach people when more traditional methods might not be possible right now. The company I work for does something called “Bitwise Stories,” which are compelling blurbs about people that are associated with the company in some way and how they’ve done extraordinary things. If you want to check it out: Thanks again for your in depth look at this topic!

    • Thank you Ariel. There’s definitely more to explore in the field of digital storytelling and I believe it will be more approachable and widely adopted as anyone can be a digital content creator these days. Thanks again for sharing the Bitwise Stories. The trailer is very intriguing!

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