Virtual Learning Symposium: CYOA

Welcome to my offering for the virtual learning symposium- a choose your own adventure story inspired by our CYOA modules! HOW TO PLAY: It’s simple! Just read to the end of a page and once you’re finished, you will be presented with a set of options for what to do next. You’ll click on your action, which will take you to a separate page, and so on. The whole playthrough experience won’t take longer than 10 minutes tops, and that’s if you take the time to explore the whole thing. Enjoy your adventure!

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As the year 2020 draws to a close and so with it the coursework for yet another SJSU semester, you can’t help but find yourself swept up in the rush: of life, of final assignments, of dealing with the holidays. It’s a lot, and like most endings, this one has caught you unawares.

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You’ve got one more assignment left for INFO 287: the virtual symposium. Your professor, Dr. Michael Stephens, has asked you to consider one deceptively simply question: What are you taking away from the Hyperlinked Library course? You crack your knuckles and sit down at your computer. Time to get to work.

You hear a commotion outside your window as you begin typing your planning notes, and you know you’ve come to a crossroads. You can either put on some headphones, listen to music and power through your assignment, or let distraction guide you like it’s done a million times before. Maybe your mind could use the break before you really start to focus.

To ignore the noise and keep working on the virtual symposium, click here.

To follow your distracted brain and open your front door, click here.

28 thoughts on “Virtual Learning Symposium: CYOA

  1. @dyerariel Love this! How fun! I first chose to stay on the course though I have to admit, in reality, I would’ve gotten up to see what the commotion was all about because…that’s my life…my kids making a racket while I’m studying, the UPS/FedEx driver choosing that exact moment to drop off one of the hundreds of Amazon packages that have become part of COVID life, etc.
    Now, I’m going to go back and choose the distracted brain option.

  2. OMG, it got better! I’m seriously impressed with all the work you put into this CYOA, it’s amazing! Makes it look like I took the easy way out. *laugh* Seriously though, kudos to you for your creativity!

    • I had this idea a while back and cleared it with @michael– I was totally inspired by those cool CYOA modules we had and it really took me back to my childhood. It really wasn’t too much work, but the planning of where to put everything took some time! There’s not really a way to post secret pages on wordpress and I didn’t want to spam the RSS feed with all my pages, so I switched to google docs. BUT I wanted the google docs to NOT open hyperlinks on a separate tab. Turns out there’s no way to make them NOT do that. I guess I learned a little about web stuff doing this too, haha!

  3. Fantastic! I do realize how boring I am because I choose to “buckle down and finish.” I had to go back through to get the whole experience. This is such a great creative idea! I love it!

  4. @dyerariel THIS IS SO COOL! Honestly, this was a very creative format, it was a ton of fun! I love you touched on so many of the topics and resources, it all flowed so well. I found myself going back periodically to see what the other choices would lead to. Have you thought about game design? I think you’d be good at it!

    • @gmrickel THANK YOU!!! I’ve never done game design, just produced a couple of small scale immersive theatre stuff and had a BLAST doing those. Love storytelling and would love to do something further with immersive stuff. It was really fun to put this together and I’m glad you had fun playing through it!

  5. @dyerariel. This was a great symposium! I had so much fun choosing my own adventure and exploring all you did with this – I chose to do all your adventures. Your obvious hard work paid off. Congratulations on a great symposium!

    • Thank you @deanau! I wanted to incorporate other people’s work because I’ve been blown away by everyone’s contributions to our course. I’ve learned so much from everyone else and I’m really grateful for that!

  6. @dyerariel This is such a cool way to sum up what you learned in class! I love your creativity, it reminds me of all the librarians who came up with amazing virtual scavenger hunts as the world started shutting down for the pandemic. Such a fun way to end the course!

    • @dshaffer thank you! And I love that this brought that to mind for you. I was so impressed with the really cool scavenger hunts library staff have been able to pull off during the pandemic- sometimes even partnering with local orgs to bring it to the physical world, making it safe but still getting people out of their house. Thanks again for playing!

  7. Thank you for your creative symposium Ariel! That must be a lot of work! It’s very inspiring and is definitely a great way of digital storytelling. Really enjoyed it!

  8. @dyerariel This was such a great project! I used to read a bunch of choose your own adventure books when I was younger so your symposium really brought me back! 🙂 At first, I chose to continue the assignment but went back and explored every page I could. This was so creative and fun! Amazing work!

    • @jeannamichel thanks for playing! And YES, I l0ve those books so much and honestly still read them now (Death by Halloween is a great adult one I read recently if you like horror). I’m glad you had fun exploring!

  9. Who knew that school work could be so fun! This was incredible! I loved exploring all the other scenarios and unveiling new information- excellent job!

  10. @dyerariel This is so fun and creative! I love that you made your own CYOA! In keeping with the spirit of how my semester has progressed, I first clicked on follow your distracted brain! I love that you included links to our classmates’ posts! Great job, Ariel!

  11. Amazing post @dyerariel. The feeling of being so close yet so far haunts me from time to time but this semester (with this class) I found that to be different. Finally learned about something I have a passion for and that makes it worth the adventure. Best of luck to you in the future!


  12. Hi Ariel,
    Wow, you have such an amazing creative flair with your writing & format. Your presentation is my favorite. That was such a fun experience that made me laugh out loud, I got to talk to Dr. Stephens and feel a little a sad when it was over. BRAVO!!!

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