Director’s Brief: The Lookmobile and Participatory Services

Executive Summary

Many public libraries today are expanding beyond a space to find and read books. Libraries are now becoming place where community members can come and interact with information in a new way and actually participate in a new experience (Hood, 2014). By incorporating technology and supporting interactive experiences, public libraries are providing opportunities for participatory learning experiences for many within the community. These kinds of unique interactions allow the library, community, and the world to connect through this integrated system of learning (Hamilton,2012). In my Director’s Brief, I propose the introduction of the Lookmobile, an interactive mobile library designed to activate outdoor spaces and increase hands-on learning opportunities, to the patrons and staff of the Yolo County Library system. Click on “Director’s Brief” below to view my assignment as a PDF.

One response to “Director’s Brief: The Lookmobile and Participatory Services

  1. Emrys Holmes

    This is such a cool concept! I especially love the mobility and emphasis on access to rural communities who may not be able to travel to see exhibits or tools like this, so you’re bringing the exhibit to them! I hadn’t heard of the Lookmobile before, but I am now in love with it and I really hope more libraries implement things like it in the future.

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