My Brief Bio:

Hi, my name is Christopher Holgar Dineson. 

I completed my undergrad at UC Berkeley in Visual Culture in 2004. I worked for their Art History/Classics library as a librarian’s assistant. That’s the extent of my experience in the information field. I worked as an assistant curator for a brief time at the Legion of Honor in SF (very brief…).

My twenties were spent in New York City, first growing Peter Thiel’s hedge fund, and later doing hair for editorial and ad campaigns under celebrity stylist Garren; I went by my Danish middle name, Holgar, because the industry favors “uniqueness” (portfolio at (Links to an external site.))

(Below is me, Scarlett, and my boss Garren for a Dolce & Gabbana “The One” perfume commercial in 2011 shot by Jean Baptiste Mondino in Albuquerque, NM. Her hair was red for The Avengers, so I had to find, cut, and color this wig. She’s great – very sassy.) 

I was a stylist for ten years before becoming a tech recruiter for Airbnb and several start-ups in the Bay Area. I’m halfway done with a second bachelor’s in biology. I’m passionate about D&I and have contributed to all of my client’s committees. 

I have many interests. I’ve always loved reading literature, following science and medical anthropology, and I love sketching with pilot pens and discussing art history. My friends nicknamed me Vortex Chris because I’m always cycling down some rabbit hole… I’m hoping to work with medical research and data analysis in the biotech sector. 

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