The Library, not just for Books Anymore

As I was reading about this topic, learning is everywhere I thought that it meant more mobile learning as opposed to looking anywhere in a library and learning is there even if it only seemed “fun.” This is definitely a concept I support. There are many ways that people learn, not everyone can learn from reading a book and not all things can be thought from a book. There are many things that need to be more hands on or need special equipment that most patrons do not have access too. I think looking at libraries as institutions of learning as well as information is the way to go because the two work side by side. If well versed in something you can then start to fully understand it and become immersed. Seeing the Studio 300 that the Fountaindale Public Library is doing completely blew my mind. I mean the first thing I thought while the video played was that people’s dreams were becoming a reality. I mean being able to use a recording studio at your library, for free, using a green screen, even just using better technology can really pump up one’s resume and self-esteem and confidence. This library is bettering communities! I am so proud and hopeful for the future of libraries.

And the DOKK1 library in Denmark is changing the idea of librarians. People can now realize their coding or gaming dreams but teach it to others. This concept is becoming more relevant right now with COVID-19, games like Minecraft are integrating actual educational topics but learning about how people create these games is a learning process in itself and can help others want to create games that are not only fun but can teach important topics to those who learn differently or find the traditional concept of learning “boring.”

And of course, there are “maker spaces,” where patrons can use library provided tools and programs to enhance their learning and create things in the fields of math, science and engineering. My husband is a mechanical engineer so I know how pricey it can be to fuel anyone’s dream in that field from child to adult but these libraries are making now only dreams and careers more accessible but the world more accessible and it is amazing.

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  1. This: “…was that people’s dreams were becoming a reality”…

    What super cool way to think about what we provide and the what services can do for folks. It resonates and so aligns with the idea of encouraging the heart.

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