Final Reflection

Thinking back to the beginning of the semester… wow. This has been a long and rather difficult few months for me personally, but this class has been a whirlwind of learning and fun. So many ideas week after week that were interesting and creative and got me thinking and wanting to learn more. I loved how we ended with a module on creativity and curiosity (and now I’m realizing I should have included curiosity in my symposium video!), because those values, along with compassion, I would say are some of the foundational principles of this course. There is SO much to learn and explore in the world and that’s not changing. Especially with technology, we can never catch up and know everything there is to know! But staying curious and letting ourselves be creative and open to new ideas and keeping in mind that we are librarians to help people… that’s why I want to be a librarian. This course was an excellent exemplifier of that.

Despite some rough times in my personal life, this course truly was a source of joy, both because of the material and the people. So thank you all! I wish you all the best.

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