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Since my goal is to become a teacher librarian at a high school, I wrote my Director’s Brief as if addressing the administration (principal and vice principals) with an idea that I want to take school-wide. The idea behind my proposal is that the school library’s responsibility is to lead and enable technology-based and information-centered change, so I am presenting a report about mobile learning and arguing for the school as a whole to take a more positive and open approach to the concept, with the intent of the school librarian (me! 😊) providing professional development for teachers and coteach the necessary skills to students once getting approval from the administration.

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  1. Hi Kristin,
    You’re absolutely right; learning behaviors are changing with the availability of mobile devices. I wasn’t taking photos of assignments as much 5 years ago because the camera on my phone wasn’t very good, but somewhere in those last several years, I was able to take photos of class notes on the board just fine, even from the back of the classroom, and relied upon it more when there were last minute instructions put up at the end of the class. Now that I think back, perhaps the professors also assumed we were going to be taking photos as some notes were put up at the end of class on the projector.
    From my experience and observation, mobile devices were more acceptable to use during class time in college, but not so much in high school. In fact, students who would use them would get it confiscated until the end of the day. However it was due to it being used for non-educational purposes during class time.
    I think it would be great to integrate mobile devices for learning purposes in the high school/middle school setting as these digital skills are necessary to learn for future educational or professional pursuits. Perhaps, getting students accustomed to using the devices for educational purposes early on can shift how they use it in the classroom. Additionally, if an educational app is open on their device, perhaps it would encourage appropriate use of it in class rather than serve as a distraction away from the lesson.
    Great director’s brief! It really piqued my interest and thoughts.

    • Thanks! I have so many students that use their phones to take pictures of the notes, like when they were absent or just cause they can’t see the board. And yes! That’s exactly what I’m thinking/hoping: if they know how to use their phone for class purposes and get used to doing so, it could totally change attitudes in both students and teachers.

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