Hello all! My name is Kristin. I live in Elk Grove, just south of Sacramento, California, where I’m currently teaching high school math. This is my sixth year teaching, and while I love the classroom and mathematics, my plan is to eventually transition to the library. If all goes as planned, after next semester I’ll have finished both my MLIS and Teacher Librarian Credential.

I wanted to take this course because I think that I have a lot to learn about how libraries can most effectively harness the power of technology to best help (in my case) students. It honestly sounds like such a fun topic, so I am really looking forward to the class.

A few other random things about me:

  • I’m really into fandom life, and this semester in particular I’ll be freaking out about Star Wars a lot in anticipation of The Rise of Skywalker in a few short months.
  • I love to travel. This past summer I went on a month-long road trip that pretty much followed the path of the Mississippi, and then another (significantly shorter) trip with my mom and sister to Disneyland to experience the new Star Wars land. It was a fun summer!
  • I am a night owl, which is unfortunate for my first period class since I’m always half-brainless but also means I’ll usually post in the evenings or middle of the night.
  • I hate cake, but love pi(e).