Participatory Services & Emerging Technology Planning


For this assignment, you will craft a plan for incorporating an emerging technology or participatory service into a library setting of your choice. The goal is to engage with your community via technology, service or some other human-focused innovation. Imagine as if your library has already been granted funding (or has a newly-available space), and you are free to select an up-and-coming service or technology that interests you—and your user population—most. This planning-centered action brief can be an entirely virtual service or one that augments a physical service.

Ideas in the form of action briefs can create a starting point for a new service or plan. John Bellina and Tasso Stathopulos from the Denver marketing firm Ricochet Ideas helped create the Anythink brand for Rangeview Library System. They helped transform services such as the Anythink summer reading program through disruptive innovation by starting with a simple statement about turning summer reading “on its ear.”  An action brief is a framing statement used in planning that includes who we want to convince about a service or product, how we will do it and what the service will be that makes the change. Create an action brief of your own as part of this process focused on the user population you want to reach.  To create an action brief, fill in the blanks: Convince {a certain group} that by {utilizing the new or improved service or technology, etc} they will {discover a new or cool thing about the library or service} which will {create the outcome you are aiming for} because {this is what the library is about}. If part of your plan involves staff-buy in, write a second Brief statement for staff.

Imagine, for example, that you have been placed in charge of a new, technology-focused or participatory initiative or service. Step one is to create a planning document for the team or administrators that will join you on the project. Think of this document as a roadmap for future meetings/actions to get the technology or service implemented. Post it to your blog with a short statement explaining your thinking, process and the benefits you identified. Note  this is not a technical document but more of a roadmap of considerations for planning and implementation. Research your chosen technology or service and utilize the template to organize your planning. Be inspired, think of how to engage others through technology-centered services (don’t be afraid to explore the unconventional!), and focus on the planning process. Be creative with the template!

Here are sample plans that demonstrate two approaches to the assignment — EmergingTechnologyPlanningFixit Clinic & PlanRovingLIbrarian – please be as creative as you’d like and utilize the resources here to create something that reflects your ideas for what the plan should be.


Choose one of the technologies or services discussed in your course readings, lectures, or your own explorations, and utilize it as inspiration for your planning efforts. Research the technology or service and brainstorm 5-10 benefits of the new initiative. Use these to frame the goals and objectives of the new service that you will present in your planning-process-centered deliverable.

Organize your project by making notes in each of the following sections. For example, what type of staffing, policy, technology, promotion, and training is needed for to start and maintain the new or improved service? Finalize the sections by fleshing out your notes. Utilize bullet points or short paragraphs but be detailed in your thinking. Above all, this assignment places an emphasis on the planning process.

Posting & Submission

Use the template below. Be as creative as you would like with planning post but be sure to include all the points below. Enhance the plan with a creative project management approach or media tool or graphic, etc. As a final step, submit your post URL to our Canvas site.


Goals/Objectives for Technology or Service:

Description of Community you wish to engage:

Action Brief Statement: (Fill in the blanks):


Convince ______ that by _______ they will ________ which will ________ because _______.


Evidence and Resources to support Technology or Service: (URLS, articles to help guide you)

Mission, Guidelines, and Policy related to Technology or Service: (Who might be involved in setting policies? Where might you look for example policies? What do you want to include in guidelines for use?)

Briefly outline how your technology or service’s grant, allocated funding, budget, available free-space, etc. will be distributed: (Will there be a need for staffing, contracts, additional software, or any other necessary contributions?)

Action Steps & Timeline: (Can your target Technology or Service be prototyped? What’s a reasonable timeline for this project? What are the project flow dependencies? Who has to say “yes?” What are the planned alternatives if there is a “no.”)

Staffing Considerations for this Technology or Service: (Is this a new service that requires staff? Where will staff (or other) hours come from? Brainstorm some creative, outside-the-box ideas for generating hours.)

Training for this Technology or Service: (Who gets trained? Who is the training instructor? Who designs the training? When can training be effectively scheduled?)

Promotion & Marketing for this Technology or Service: (How can the new technology or service be promoted? Brainstorm some planning ideas to promote within your organization. Brainstorm more ideas to promote outside your organization.)

Evaluation: (What benchmarks and performance metrics will you use to evaluate the technology or service. What stories are you envisioning telling about it? How might you expand the service in the future?)


Grading Rubric

Criteria Points
Clearly articulated introduction to plan, includes purpose and details about institution the plan is intended for and action brief statement
5 pts
Quality of outline and organization of plan
3 pts
Course content (lectures, readings, media, and peer discussions) and your synthesis of it is clearly cited and serves as a resource in your writing
5 pts
All aspects of planning process as articulated in course materials are included
4 pts
Delivery mechanism is error free (text, etc)
3 pts
Total Points: 20