Virtual Symposium & Final Reflection: The Ever-Growing Garden of Hyperlinked Librarianship

To conclude our semester and highlight one of our foundational texts, The Heart of Librarianship: Attentive, Positive, and Purposeful Change, I used Canva to create a ticket stub for a fictitious theatrical production (Stephens, 2016). The play, The Ever-Growing Garden of Hyperlinked Librarianship, would be a story of librarians who work together to embrace hyperlinked librarianship and transcend their library—and community—into a realm of limitless possibilities. The ticket stub would not only serve as a piece of memorabilia for attendees—presumably, many of whom would be in the LIS field—but also as an ongoing reminder for show-goers to follow the production’s message by adhering to the “Terms & Conditions to Follow Beyond the Performance,” which entails what a successful hyperlinked librarian should understand in order to navigate our socio-technological landscape and practice hyperlinked librarianship (Stephens, 2016, p. 2). When reflecting on Information 287: The Hyperlinked Library, the course has profoundly impacted my developing philosophy of librarianship; yet, one sentiment stands out amongst all, especially in relation to the fictitious theatrical production’s synopsis: “hyperlinks are people too” (Stephens, 2020). Modern-day, hyperlinked librarianship is multidimensional and the most indispensable dimension is humanistic.


Stephens, M. T. (2016). The heart of librarianship: attentive, positive, and purposeful change. Chicago: ALA Editions, an imprint of the American Library Association.

Stephens, M. T. (2020). The hyperlinked library: Exploring the model. [Web Lecture]. Retrieved from


4 thoughts on “Virtual Symposium & Final Reflection: The Ever-Growing Garden of Hyperlinked Librarianship

  1. What a creative and cool project! I haven’t used Canva before and keep seeing all kinds of awesome projects from using it, so I can’t wait to check it out the next time I have a project.

    • Hi, Lain!

      Thank you, I had a ton of fun making it! And I can’t recommend Canva enough. There are SO many more options than Piktochart or any other infographic application I’ve used before. Thanks again!


    • Hi, Stephany!

      Thank you! I intended on doing a standard infographic but was inspired by Canva’s array of design options to try something new 🙂 And Canva truly is the Pinterest of infographic applications–wonderfully dangerous! Thanks again, and I hope you have a safe and fun summer.

      All the best,

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