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            Thus far in the course, I have been thinking about what a hyperlinked library is and how participatory service fits in to making a library hyperlinked.   The tenets of participatory service help inform my practice as a future librarian.  The tenets include:

  1. Participatory service engages users to add to library services
  2. Participatory service offers the chance for users to plan with librarians
  3. Participatory service offers a mechanism for evaluation. (Stephens, n.d., 9-11 section)

            As I continue examining the readings/ videos/ and sites, I have learned that a hyperlinked library has the attitude of the Library 2.0 Model in Casey and Savastinuk’s book, Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service.  A Library 2.0 model means the library must embrace constant change: keeping up with patrons’ changing needs. And the library must have user participation: “customer involvement in the creation and evaluation of programs and services” (Casey & Savastinuk, 2007, p.14).

            The article “In San Francisco, Teens Design a Living Room for High-Tech Learning at the Public Library” demonstrates a hyperlinked library that has participatory service in how they construct a teen space in the library called “The Mix.”  From the beginning of the planning, teens were involved.  The best results came from the early involvement in teens. In addition the teens said that they knew their decisions would be final, and there would be no asking an adult to approve a decision.

            The concepts in this course about hyperlinked libraries, participatory service, and Library 2.0 impact my view of library service by giving me a new perspective on how to reach the user needs of patrons that visit the library.

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