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For my Virtual Symposium I wanted to challenge myself in the area of Podcasting. I thought of approaching the symposium by highlighting my “top five” takeaways from “The Hyperlinked Library” and Dr. Stephens, each showcased in a podcast installment. This past Saturday, I started brainstorming and selected my top five takeaways taught by Dr. Stephens. I wanted these installments to center around one of my favorite facets of The Hyperlinked Library and that is having a heart for others.

Once I had my subject matter down, I put on my “content creation hat.” Over the course of five days I wrote out themes and scripts; contacted and interviewed work colleagues, classmates from INFO287 (Ismael & Abraham), small business owners, and friends for the podcast; got in touch with local musicians to ask if I could include their music; I even got in touch with the Communications Department of San Mateo County Libraries to vet one of the podcasts to make sure it aligns; in the end, it was ALL worth it! It’s been a journey these past few days, most nights I’d sleep around one in the morning, but it was fun and I’d do it again!

My podcasting setup! So much fun, so little sleep.

It’s a blessing to have an audio engineering background as I had the tools (microphone, audio interface, Pro Tools) needed to record and edit the podcast (shown in the photo above). I conducted most interviews over Zoom, except one; I decided to use the internal microphone on my iPad to interview my wife. This assignment was all about learning and application; incorporating what I call “The Follow-Through.

Photo by 蔡 世宏 on Unsplash

I don’t want to bombard you with text in this blog post, but rather it’s my hope that this podcast miniseries will illuminate my journey and outlook regarding “The Hyperlinked Library” (just hit play).

I hope you enjoy my podcast miniseries called My Super 5!

My Super 5 Installments:

1) “Hyperlinks Are People Too” with DJ Loot (note: he was my Hyperlink), DJ Loot (Small Business Spotlight), Music from Myself & DJ Loot

2) “Power of Stories” (a self-reflection of my journey to and through public librarianship) Music from “CG”

3) “Soft Skills are Heart Skills” with Ismael Betancourt, Maya Victoria (Musical Spotlight), and Mike Zhou of Super Splash Brothers (Small Business Spotlight)

4) “The Intersection of Creativity & Cutting Edge” with JC Escalante, Abraham Escalante, and Music from Trinitydeep

5) “‘Always Learning’ & ‘What can you do now?'” with Joe inventor of S.M.I.L.E and G.I.G.G.L.E, Vanessa, and Bennett Roth (Musical Spotlight)

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I love this! You did such a great job, I am blown away. I like how you incorporated so much information and things like interviews. Thank you so much for this, great conversations are happening.

Hi Gloria, I feel touched by the comment you left, thank you! Have you enjoyed INFO 287? It’s been such a fun class for me, hopefully it’s brought some great ideas that you can incorporate professionally and in life! Have a great rest of your semester and see you around in the MLIS program.

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