Intro: Techno Dave

Hello All,

My name is David Vargas and I am thrilled to be a part of INFO 287! I am currently a Community Technology Specialist working for San Mateo County Libraries and feeling incredibly blessed to be upon this journey of pursuing my MLIS from SJSU. This is my third semester and I am looking to make the most out of this!

Finding a good life balance for me is something I’d like to improve on this year. From being a husband, brother, working professional, student, amateur musician, friend; it’s extremely easy to get lost in the mix. Being better about how I spend my time should allow me to become more efficient in all facets of my life.

I really enjoy the ease of access when it comes to technology these days. It’s impressive how various technologies can be used as tools within the library to better and empower the lives of our patrons. I’m hoping from this course that I’ll be even more prepared to serve my community by learning more about emerging trends within the “hyperlinked library”.

An area of technology I’m constantly looking to learn more about is Pro Audio. I love learning about recording and mixing music, for some reason I just feel drawn to the art of it. I’ve been using the recording software Pro Tools since 2010, time flies when you are having fun! Not to mention, today in 2020, all of (recording music) this can easily be done from home!

Below are some of the recent musical projects I have recorded and mixed if you’d like to hear:

  1. Expect the Worst, Pray For the Best – Christian Hip-Hop
  2. Called To the Sea – 510Jazz:
  3. Landslide –Fleetwood Mac Cover (Recorded at the Library):
Me setting up a microphone for a vocal recording session in the home studio.