Directors Brief: Mental Health is Health

I started working on this in January at work. I currently am a Library assistant at the David D. Palmer Health Science Library at Palmer College of Chiropractic west campus. I have noticed how bad the stress levels are for the students and how they repeatedly ignore signs of their own degenerative mental health. This worries me, I remembered how badly the stress and anxiety of my school work and life got when I was doing my undergraduate degree full time while also working a full time job. It take a toll on your mind and body. I started researching the best ways to help support mental health of those around me and put together a plan to create this campaign for me patrons. We have started to initiate some of the things mentioned in this brief after I completed the Emerging technologies plan on this same campaign. I hope that when we are finished sheltering-in-place I am able to keep this program going and continue to work hard to support the students who come into my library every day.

One thought on “Directors Brief: Mental Health is Health

  1. Nice brief and very timely. I think it’s so important to have more mental health campaigns on college campuses, especially considering all of the added stress students are currently experiencing because of COVID-19. It’s alarming to read that 63% of US college students experienced overwhelming anxiety in 2018 — I can’t imagine what that percentage might look like during this crisis.

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